Firenze Card

The Firenze Card grants admission to the major museums, villas and historical gardens in Florence. It is promoted by the Municipality of Florence, the Ministry for the Arts and Cultural Activities, the Regional Direction of Cultural Heritage, the Special Superintendence for Historical, Artistic and Ethnic-anthropological Heritage and for the Museum Circuit of the city of Florence, the Province of Florence and the Chamber of Commerce of Florence, in collaboration with ATAF.

firenze card

Activating the Firenze Card

The Firenze Card is activated on the first visit to a museum or the first use of public transport. After that you have 72 hours to visit the city and its historical and artistic heritage. The card’s validity is therefore independent of the purchase date. Remember to write your full name on the back of your card before using it. Some museums can offer free access on special occasions. Please, consult the “News” page to check updated timetables, access benefits and other information about the museums.

Validity the Firenze Card

The Firenze Card is valid for 3 consecutive days from its first use. The card will expire at the end of the validity period and free access to museums and public transport will expire with it. The card is strictly for personal use and not transferable, and must be shown with proof of identity on request.


With Firenze card you can visit all museums that belongs to the Circuit is Florentine area.