Take a calm walk, while eating an ice cream, and a picture, to remind you of the great times. Have a look at the amazing landscape first, then photograph and finally appreciate the picture at home, in order to remember what it was like to fully enjoy and experience the emotions arisen by that view. Florence is a city that combines style with culture and offers many awsome and history filled landscapes.

Piazzale Michelangelo

Piazzale Michelangelo is definitely one of the city’s must see sites and offers one of the best views. Whether it’s summer or winter, morning or afternoon, Piazzale Michelangelo still remains an enchanting place where you can spend a few hours while sipping a cup of tea or savouring an artisan ice cream in one of the many bars of the area.

Don’t forget to take a picture of the view with the Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo on the background before you leave. No tourist can leave this site without a picture of the view.

Villa Bardini’s Garden

Not as well known as Piazzale Michelangelo, but not less charming is the view that Villa Bardini offers from its garden on Costa San Giorgio, an exquisite street that clambers up on the Montecuccoli hill.

In addition to the magnificent view of the Duomo, the national Library and Ponte Vecchio, the Bardini Garden offers a wide selection of rare plants and flowers and two natural caves. A unique paradise, definitely not known enough.

Santa Maria del Fiore’s Dome

In the heart of the city, during your shopping time or after a visit to the Uffizi, it’s almost impossible not to enter the famous cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, also known as the Duomo of Florence. It’s possible to go up to the top of the dome, up to Brunelleschi’s beacon, where you can admire the entire city skyline. One of the best landscapes the city of Florence has to offer.

On the left side of the Duomo is the area where you can admire Piazza della Signoria, the Vasarian corridor and the Ponte Vecchio; on the right side is the newest part of Florence where you can find the new Courthouse and the hill of Fiesole. Do not worry if you get the feeling of being in the very middle of the world. It’s a very common feeling.

The Rose Garden

Only a few steps away from Piazzale Michelangelo and near the neighborhood of San Niccolò you can discover another amazing garden: the Rose Garden of Viale Poggi.

The garden is a peaceful sanctuary, framed in the hill where Piazzale Michelangelo is placed. Here you can admire more than 350 different varieties of roses and a Japanese garden. In a few words the garden can be considered like a balcony leaning over the city. If you really want to live and love Florence this is most certainly a must stop!

The Vasarian Passage

The Vasarian Passage: the most unusual and yet most charming and fascinating treasure in the city of Florence. The Vasarian Passage was built as an escape route for the rich and wealthy Florentine Medici family.

The passage connects Palazzo Vecchio with Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens through an elevated hall situated over the top of the entire Ponte Vecchio. Right on top of one of the most famous bridges in the world you can see the four scenic windows placed towards Ponte Santa Trinita that offer a view that has charmed many important people, artists and dictators.

Some say that Hitler was literally amazed by the view of the Arno river and the city. A city where “Everything evokes grandness, taste, human passion, purity and beauty to the highest levels” as Klemens Von Metternich said probably after seeing its magnificent landscapes!