Palazzo Davanzati

The Museum of Palazzo Davanzati – also known as the Museo dell’Antica Casa Fiorentina – opened as state museum in 1956. The Palace, is the former residence of Davizzi family, merchants and bankers, overlooks the namesake piazza, once populated by ancient tower-houses.

Via Porta Rossa 13

Access for the Disabled

FC - Firenze Card

Opening Times

Mon/Sun - 8:15 - 13:50
2nd & 3rd floor to reserve + 39 055 2388610

Closed On

1st, 3rd, 5th Mon & 2nd, 4th Sun of the month

Ticket € 2.00

Source: Tourist Information Centers City of Florence - Piazza Stazione 4, [email protected] - Loggia del Bigallo, [email protected]