The Oltrarno is one of the most fascinating areas in the city of Florence: this is the district where you will find the artisan stores, the intense Florentine nightlife and the authentic Florentine citizens. It’s the best place to relax and really appreciate the city of Florence if you are tired of wandering through museums. Over the bridges, you will see monuments, crowded museums and tourists, but on the other side of the Arno river you will find peace and relax, local street markets, artisans at work, great restaurants and, at nighttime interesting movida.

Of one thing you can be sure in Florence: Which side of the Arno are you on? Crossing a bridge can at times completely change your view. Changing sides of the river means crossing to another mood of the city.

The tan that never fades. During the hot summer days, the banks of the arno are populated by Florentines and tourists searching for a ray of sun. Little corners for relaxing and hidden beaches lie between monuments and bridges.

The comings and goings on the bridges of Florence are sure to surprise. Every day, along the river, you can have unexpected meetings.

Discover piazzas, gardens, and alleys, or stairways hidden between stately buildings, residential homes, vintage stands, and expanses of greenery clinging to the hillsides. The Oltrarno is ready for you to explore. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes; the road is long.

The Oltrarno is the Florence that you never expected. Far from the chaos and rich in mysterious details, it is less known but all the more fascinating. Enjoy the views of the Oltrarno. The museum crowds are elsewhere. The essence of all that is Florentine is here.

If you still want to see works of art you can hop over to Palazzo Pitti, where there are plenty of museums. For a bit of green there is the immense Boboli Garden, a must for every tourist. Around here even a garden can be a work of art.

With stately buildings and traditional houses, elegant boutiques and artisan workshops, you’ll want to experience the Oltrarno in all of its facets. Try getting lost in the history, tradition and hidden mysteries. Take a walk without a precise destination, searching for the soul of Florence. Don’t worry, you won’t regret it.

A nice afternoon in the Oltrarno area? Nothing is more simple and enjoyable. Pass by antique shops and enter libraries or explore a historic cloister. Simply let yourself be won over by the most characteristic side of the city: The “Diladdarno,” the other side of the river.

The heart of the Oltrarno is Piazza Santo Spirito. Behind a simple façade hides one of the last and greatest of Brunelleschi’s works. On the other side of that Cathedral, there lies a piazza that you will learn to love. Especially in the summer it is alive, trendy, vintage, and knows no hours. Between cafes, libraries and traditional trattorias, Piazza Santo Spirito embodies all that is Florentine.

The Duomo isn’t the only dome in Florence. Take a look on the other side of the Arno, perhaps taking a visit to the fascinating Cestello, or just simply strolling through alleys and shops searching for a precious keepsake. The Oltrarno still holds on to tradition.

The best time to go out are the hot summer nights. Along the arno and in the Oltrarno you’ll find exciting nightlife for all tastes. You can lose yourself in the bohemian Piazza Santo Spirito or decide to have a drink in the elegant bars lying along the Arno. In short, in this area you’ll always find someone and something for you.

Piazza Santo Spirito: for some it’s trashy, for others it’s chic. It is loved by Florentines, this much is for sure. The best way to discover why? Take a visit to a little market, stop in a retro bar and have a summer drink on the stairs of the church. Breathe in Florence.