Santa Croce

History, art and literature, but also celebrated restaurants, traditional markets and unstoppable nightlife; in two words: Santa Croce. Allow yourself a walk in the largest historic quarter of Florence. Take a visit to the Santa Croce cathedral, standing in it’s namesake piazza, or have a break surrounded by the traditional products of the Sant’Ambrogio market. Pass by the Loggia del Pesce all the way to the highway of Florentine nightlife: Via de’ Benci. A historic area that’s characteristic and lively, it can be enjoyed at any hour of day or night. Santa Croce is always a good idea.

Santa Croce is the piazza of great Florentines like Dante Alighieri, and of the Stendhal syndrome. Santa Croce is also a treasure trove that goes beyond the splendid façade and celebrated tombs, it is also medieval cloisters, tourists, Florentines, and the historic buildings that frame this piazza.

Walk around the piazza, linger on the quiet stone benches, or venture into one of the characteristic trendy bars and take a break. Look around you, and breathe Florence in one of the most loved areas frequented by both Florentines and visitors, full of charm, history, modernity, vitality and surprises. Don’t be shy. You’ll be satisfied by all of Santa Croce’s nuances.

It is a location privileged for installation art, cultural events, concerts, historical and sporting performances, such as Historical Florentine Soccer, as well as the ideal setting for every photographic impulse in search of inspiration or beauty to immortalize. Santa Croce always works for whatever you’re looking for.

In this area you’ll find the National Library, the most important library in all of Italy. It is a treasure trove of culture, rarities, history, and hundreds of kilometers of volumes on it’s shelves. It is also a social center frequented by Florentine students. Take a stroll and enjoy the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the surrounding streets, like Via de’ Benci and Via de’ Neri, perhaps stopping in front of some of the retro and unconventional shops.

Are you looking for rare vinyl records or vintage finds? Are you obsessed with planning your night out? Either way, if you know where to look, in Santa Croce you’ll find what you desire. A conglomerate of American bars, Irish pubs, dance clubs, restaurants, street food from every corner of the globe, shops both historic and bizarre, and traditional stands all make up the melting pot that gives life to these streets, such as Via de’ Benci and Via Verdi. Leave your troubles at home, put on some comfortable sneakers, and let go.

Florence isn’t just famous monuments and unmissable museums. A tour of Santa Croce and Piazza San Firenze will amaze you, thanks to their hidden details and historic buildings prominently displayed. When walking through these streets, remember to lift your gaze now and then.

Hidden buildings, streets off the beaten path, ancient histories, characteristic structures and beauty gracing every wall. Sometimes you have to lose yourself to learn how to learn to observe.

Go by foot or by bicycle in search of the historic locations of the greatest writer in history, Dante Alighieri. Santa Croce is his neighborhood. You can relive the corners, streets, piazzas, the church and the birthplace that were all host to the great poet. Perhaps he had his writings in hand, taking inspiration for his works.

You can’t say that you’ve really seen Florence until at least once you’ve gone into every Florentine’s most popular and loved market: Sant’Ambrogio. Armed with patience and a good nose, here you’ll discover stands of traditional products, businesses of days gone by that today still stand unchanged. The lunch inside the pavillion of the market is an experience that you absolutely cannot miss.

EOutside you’ll find stalls overflowing with objects, fruits, vegetables, vintage and kitsch clothing. You’re in the Sant’Ambrogio market. You’re at the center of the Florentine soul. All you need to do is take a few steps, enjoy the view, and you’ll discover why this is the area where Florentines love to eat and meet. Whether lunch or dinner, Sant’Ambrogio will always be a great idea.

Historic Loggias with hundreds of years of history and hidden markets embracing one another, in Piazza dei Ciompi you can escape the hustle and bustle. Piazza dei Ciompi continues to be one of the highlights of the Sant’Ambrogio area. A bit bohemian and a bit timeless, the charm and vibrant nightlife of this corner of Florence will have you hooked.

There are orthodox churches hidden between intersections, residential buildings and narrow streets. Piazzas, Nineteenth Century doors, and a steady flow of Florentines, tourists, students, and activity all comes together in just a few hundred meters. You were looking for the authentic side of Florence, apart from the shops and chaos? In Sant’Ambrogio you have finally found it.

When the lights go down and the atmosphere changes, everything takes on a different and fascinating tone. Piazzas, loggias, arches and medieval streets; around these parts another Florence takes form by night. Rich with bars and non-stop nightlife, you have to try it to believe it.

Details that by day you may miss, or that simply don’t exist, will appear after sunset. Sant’Ambrogio will surprise you with her energy and at once retro and gritty soul.

Underground clubs, popular dance clubs, aperitivo bars, Irish pubs, and American bars all keep going throughout the night. The weekend has arrived and you want to have fun? Let go of your plans. Go out and let yourself go. In Sant’Ambrogio and Santa Croce beats the heart of Florentine nightlife. Here, until the first light of dawn, there will always be a bar to go have a drink or a club to go dancing. You can even find after-hours clubs if you want to finish the weekend with the light of the sun.

Santa Croce also means culture and big theatres. There are shows and exceptional actors, classical music, a refined atmosphere and a rich schedule of events to choose from. As usual, it’s up to you which soul of Santa Croce you want to experience.